Business extends the economic downturn.

Business extends the economic downturn.

   Whenever the economy signals that it's bad. The emotions of the people will start to shake. The fear of income and expenses. Even people who work hard to earn a salary can not help but feel the vibration. It is unlikely that the business that hires us to work is how strong it will be in an economic downturn. Adding business is one of the solutions that can support the economic condition of our family.

   I really want to start a business from a better economy or a normal one because it is easier for us to start. Purchasing power Confidence in spending is higher. It's easier than we do business to succeed and grow at that time, but ... But most of us are starting to think about doing it. private business It's a great way to make money online. But it does not matter. It starts to shake when it starts to shake. It is also a driving force for our commitment to build a full business as well.

  Starting a new business People who work regularly may not be easy. There are so many things to do on your own. From capital, skills and marketing channels. Workers are not always good at work because they usually work as a team. However, we have many choices.

What should you do to start a supplemental business?

1. Look for what you are good at and like. Starting from the likes and aptitudes makes us able to do it well. Because we know the truth about that.

2. Consider the business opportunity is how we make money from what we like and how we are really good, it is not difficult to start from yourself. Think about how you spend your money on the things you like or feel good about. If you ever pay It is possible that someone else will pay you the same. Then add to the opportunity to make more money. This is a dream period. Do not block your imagination!

3. Will do alone or find a teammate. This is another matter. Because starting a new business. It is better to have a friend to discuss. But if you want to do it alone, you have to look for knowledge that we can study. In order not to start from the center or not know anything.

4. Considering the market is bringing the second article to think again to see what we think we will do. What is the real market opportunity? Who are the target customers? And we will pay to buy for any reason. Are there competitors? What is the competition? And what strengths do we have to make the target group choose us instead of the others?

5. Write a business plan. This is necessary. It's like the way I use it to build a house. To succeed But most often not popular. I think that doing private business Is doing small Growing up before writing. But that's the wrong idea! If we do not have a clear map, how can we reach that goal? Would not it be too vignetting to reach the goal?

6. Find a consultant, whether you are a specialist. Or is a government agency that supports startup businesses. To keep our minds framed and to fill the shortcomings of experience and knowledge of more specialized skills.

7. Do it! This is the most important thing. Because there are good business plans. Have a great team The goal is to grow a profitable business. It does not happen if you do not start doing it.

This is what should be done when thinking of doing extra business, earn extra money, plan well for a clear goal. And act quickly. Do not give up, do not give up, continue to walk. Then we will succeed in creating. Personal business is definitely not in the future. The extra career or business we do to earn more may become a personal business. That makes us a business owner. Stop being an employee, pay someone else's salary. Who knows?

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Marketing via SmartPhone

SmartPhone Marketing is another way to help your business grow!

And it's going to be the market of the present day. Whether you want it or not. It just has to happen!
Here is an explanation of why this is so ...

1. It is predicted that the use of internet from smart phones will be used over the internet on computers and other devices by 2014. That is ... this year!

2. And it will make many consumers have access to information search at any time. Wherever What are you doing?

3. As such, marketing on the Smart Phone becomes a communication channel that will be responded faster than other channels. Because everyone carries the phone almost always.

4. From the popularity of mobile phones with Smart Phone increased rapidly. Point out that. Marketing in this channel. It can help you succeed more quickly.

5. And marketing on Smart Phone can help you send the message straight to your target audience precisely.

Your business? Ready to join in the process of marketing on Smart Phone?
Find a way forward. Or is it the end of the train? Please decide !!!

Smartphones that will help your marketing. To succeed in your business.

Samsung Galaxy S9 | S9 + 


Specification Samsung Galaxy S9 | S9 +

-  Android 8.0 Oreo Covered With Samsung Experience 9.0
-  Super Amoled Curve Screen 5.8 Inch (S9) / 6.2 Inch (S9 +)
QHD + 2960x1440 pixel resolution, 18.5: 9 aspect ratio
Exynos 9810 Octa-core Chipset (Quad-core 2.9GHz + Quad-core 1.9GHz)
Graphics Chip Mali-G72 MP18 GPU
4GB (S9) / 6GB (S9 +)
ROM 64GB (S9) / 64GB / 128GB / 256GB (S9 +)
3,000mAh (S9) / 3,500mAh (S9 +) battery Fast Charge
8 megapixel front camera f / 1.7 AF support
12 megapixel rear camera f / 1.5, f / 2.4 (S9)
12 + 12 megapixel rear camera, f / 1.5, f / 2.4 + f / 2.4 (S9 +)
Super Slow Motion (480fps Full-HD)
Supports 2 SIM cards through the SIM card tray.
Fingerprint scanner on the back of the machine.
IP68 waterproof
3 colors Midnight Black, Coral Blue, Lilac Purple

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